School Programs

The Nature Link LLC offers a variety of in-school programming both in-person and virtually. See below for classroom programs. The Nature Link LLC nature-based programs include the use of STEAM and NGSS standards. If there is a topic you’d like your students to learn and you don’t see it below, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a custom program.

Owl Investigate That!

An owl-focused program that looks deep into owl adaptations, identification and owl pellet dissection. (Grades 2nd-5th)

Sensory Science

This program teaches students about our 5 senses, compares to wild animal senses, and explores nature with fun activities using our senses. Students will become more aware of their natural surroundings after our Sensory Science class! (Grades Pre-K-1st)

Artful Observation

This program is where science meets art. Students hone their observational skills with nature materials either in the classroom or outdoors. The process overlap of art and science will be discussed and students will record their observations with drawings, labels and notes. This process helps develop awareness and identification skills as well as improving observational and artistic skills. (All ages, content adjusted accordingly)

Native Plant Exploration

Students will learn some common native plant families, native trees and explore what is growing around school grounds. We’ll discuss the differences between native, non-native, invasive and noxious plants. There will be some plant identification as well as understanding why native plants are so important to their habitat. Students will use magnifying glasses and hand lenses for an up close and personal look at plants! This program is only offered in Spring through early Fall. (Grades Elementary through High School, content adjusted accordingly)

Be a Birder!

Students will review what makes a bird a bird, learn different bird adaptations, learn a few local species and practice using binoculars. Be prepared to go outdoors with your class to get a better look at what birds live near your school. (Grades Elementary through High School, content adjusted accordingly)

Bird Ecology: A Multi-Contact Program Series

This program takes a deeper dive into bird identification, adaptations, conservation and observation. There will be 8 classes lasting 2 hours each delivered during the course of a semester or school year. This program is customizable for teachers to pick and choose which classes they prefer for their classroom, or they choose the entire 8-class program. (Grades 4th through High School, content adjusted accordingly)

  • Class 1 – Observation, Awareness and Journaling.
  • Class 2 – Bird Adaptations & Anatomy.
  • Class 3 – Common Bird Families
  • Class 4 – Backyard Bird Identification
  • Class 5 – Native Plant, Bird and Insect Relationships.
  • Class 6 – Bird Conservation
  • Class 7 – Student Research Project – Students may choose a bird species or topic to research; or they may conduct their own bird-related experiment as their research project to present during our last class.
  • Class 8 – Student Project Presentations

Rocky Mountain Wildlife

This program will dive into our local predators and prey animals in the foothills and Rocky Mountains. Students will learn some animal classification, adaptations and who our wild neighbors are. (Grades K-3rd)

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