The Nature Link

Explore, Learn, Create, Connect

Art is in our Nature!

The Nature Link LLC was founded by Dina Baker with the goal of bringing kids, adults and families together to form a nature and art-loving community.

Vision: To create an inclusive classes and programming for all individuals to learn new skills in art, explore and learn about nature, and feel more connected to nature through our various educational offerings.

Mission: Creating opportunities for artistic expression, nature exploration, community, and connection.

The stress that daily life brings to children and adults, especially during times of COVID-19, can really impact our mental, emotional and physical health. Spending time in nature or creating art of any kind can be very therapeutic, calming and has been proven to reduce stress. If you like to do both, then you’re even more ahead of the game! You do not have to be experienced to participate in our art classes, programs, or workshops. We welcome all ages, levels and abilities to participate in our art and nature-based programming. Please check out our programs on the website for more information.

Dina Baker, founder and owner of The Nature Link LLC has over 18 years leading informal educational programs. She has her BFA in Studio Art, BA in Spanish Literature and MA in Teaching Biological Science. She also has her Audubon Master Birder and Native Plant Master certifications as well as being Leave No Trace certified. She is incredibly passionate about connecting to nature and helping to facilitate others to do so as well. Welcome to The Nature Link!

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